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Techshore Institute of Welding and Fabrication is an initiative of the leading professional & reputed training brand of Techshore Inspection Services, which is having training centres all over Kerala. Techshore, offers courses in Welding Technology from early 2015 and successful in providing placements for all those candidates in reputed companies with attractive salary packages and perks.

Sheilded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)

Techshore provide Sheilded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) also known as Manual Metal Arc Welding (MMAW), it is a manual arc welding process that uses a consumable electrode.
Electrode is connected with one terminal of the power source and the work is connected with the other terminal of the power source. Welding cable is used for this purpose. The power source can be used in AC or DC . In AC the polarity of terminals keep on changing but in DC one terminal always acts as positive and the other
acts as negative.

If electrode is connected with the positive terminal and the work piece with negative terminal than it is known as DCEP. Where as if the electrode is connected with the negative terminal and the work piece with positive, then it is known as direct current electrode negative.

In DCEP the electricity flows into the tip of the electrode and concentrates about two-thirds of the heat,which gives good penetration. Hence it is usually used on thicker steels.

In DCEN the electricity flows out of the rod,concentrating about one -third of the heat on the electrode. Hence the penetration is less, this a very good choice for thinner steels.

In SMAW, electric arc is used to meit the base metal,this arc is generated by striking the electrode with the work piece. Soon after generation of arc the electrode is withdrawn from the work piece. The gases present between the gap gets ionized and smooth flow of electrons takes place hence, in spite of the gap between the
electrode and the work piece the circuit remains closed and hence arc doesn’t get extinguished.

SMAW electrodes are covered with flux. During welding these fluxes gets decomposed and produces fumes. These fumes covers the weld pool from external environment. Hence we can say that the fumes shield weld pool from external contamination. In the absence of flux our weld pool will be exposed to the environment and chances of oxidation will always be there that’s why shielding is necessary. Flux material is lighter in density hence it easily floats over the weld pool and covers the weld pool.It helps in slow transfer of heat as well as protection from environment.

Techshore – Scope of Shielded Metal Arc Welding

a. Automation of the underwater joining and inspection of the welded structures.
b. Mechanized underwater welding for actual usage of a very large floating structures.
c. Investigation of the potential of using a robot manipulator for underwater ultrasonic testing of welds in
joints of complex geometry.
d. Application of advanced welding technique, like friction, laser welding and understand the behavior of
materials after the welding and process optimization.
e. Invention of new welding techniques and explore the possibility of its application in underwater welding.
f. Generation of research data book on weld ability of materials during underwater welding.
Techshore – Career Objective of Shielded Metal Arc Welding
  • To perform on of the welding techniques and understand important of arc welding.
  • Define the problem that occurs on the arc welding.
  • Recognize the type of metal, electrode, and tools that are used in arc welding.
  • Recognize types of arc welding and steps to create the arc welding.
  • To know safety measure when use the welding machine along the welding process.

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