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Techshore Institute of MEP is an initiative of the leading professional & reputed training brand of Techshore Inspection Services, which is having training centres all over Kerala. Techshore, offers courses in MEP from early 2015 and successful in providing placements for all those candidates in reputed companies with attractive salary packages and perks.

Techshore provides MEP Training, MEP stands for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing. MEP refers to these aspects of building design and construction. In commercial buildings, these elements are often designed by a specialized engineering firm.

Water cooled condensers

Condenser is a device used to condense gas to liquid form. It is placed next to compressor in a vapor compressor refrigeration is a heat exchanger that transfer’s heat from refringent to the costing medium. Here costing medium is used as water. The condenser abstracts the content heat from the high pressure refringent at some pressure and constant temperature.

Water cooled condensers are classified as,

  1. Tube in tube or double pipe condenser

In this type, a smaller diameter tube is inserted inside a bigger diameter tube is inserted inside a bigger diameter pipe and bend to the desired form. Water flows through the annular space in between.

2.Shell & tube

A number of straight tubes with integrate fins are stacked inside a cylindrical shell with the tube ands expanded into tube sheets which are welded to the shell at both ends. intermediate tube supports are provided in the shell to avoid sagging and ratting of the tubes. Copper tubes are usually used but when ammonia is used as refringent sted tube are used because of its corrosive nature.

Kitchen Hood Ventilation

An exhaust fan in the ceiling could remove such of the heat produced by cooking equipment. But mix in smoke, volatile organic compounds, grease particles and vapor from cooking, and a means to capture and contain the efficient becomes necessary to avoid health and fire hazard. WW/e an exhaust hood serves that purpose, the appropriate exhaust rate depends on several factors. The menu of food products and the type (and use) of the cooking equipment under the hood, the style and geometry of the hood itself, and how the makeup air (conditioned or otherwise) is introduced in to the kitchen.

The cooking factor,

Cooking appliances are categorized as,

  • Light
  • Medium
  • Heavy duty
  • Extrn heavy duty

Depending on the strength of the thermal plume and the quality of grease, smoke, heat, water vapor, and combustion products produced. The strength of the thermal plume is a major factor in determining the exhaust rate.

Window Air Conditioner

A window air condition, is a packaged unit consisting of a vapor compression refrigeration cycle ( a compressor, condenser, evaporates and on expansion valve) with a fan, filter, appropriate controls and a housing window air-conditions are designed for installation on a framed or unframed opening in a vertical building enclosure element, and take their name from the fact that they one often installed in window openings . It is installed without duet work and can effectively distribute air only within a few feet of the unit. As the unit contains condenser and evaporates it must be located partly inside and partly outside of the building. This location can lend to several architectural concerns including aesthetics, noise, space utilization and leakage (infiltration and water). Heating may be provided by electric resistance will or by a reversible refrigeration cycle (Heat pump)

Techshore – Scope of MEP

MEP services are the building services that are required such as Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning,          Plumbing, Electrical, Sanitary, and Gas supply lines. Using Autodesk Revit MEP, you can develop a building information model which is a different and new concept in the construction industry worldwide. Building Information Modeling is being adapted worldwide as a digital construction concept and even some of the countries have mandated BIM into public and private projects such as U.A.E, Australia, UK, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, U.S.A, etc. The list continues to expand further day by day. You can model your MEP services, compute heat load calculations, check clashes within those services, create schedules, etc using Autodesk Revit MEP.

Techshore – Career Objective of MEP

Seeking a challenging career in the quality environment where my technical skills and qualifications as a Mechanical Engineer can be shared and enriched and make a significant contribution to organization with strong work ethics and diligence.






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