Techshore Institute for Logistics & Supply Chain management

Techshore Inspection Service has been actively pursuing Logistics and Supply Chain Management with dedicated research, and the great career opportunity it provide. We started the Techshore Institute for Logistics and Management Studies, a strategic unit for carrying out specialized theoretical and applied research on Supply Chain Management and Logistics with participation from a multidisciplinary faculty and industry practitioners.

Logistics management is a supply chain management component that is used to meet customer demands through planning, control and implementation of effective movement and storage of goods and services from origin to destination.

History of Logistics

The word ‘logistics’ has originated from the Greek word ‘Logistikos’ and the Latin word ‘Logisticus’ which means the science of computing and calculating. In ancient times, It as used more in connection with moving armies, the supply of food and armaments to the war front. During World War II, logistics gained importance in army operations covering the movement of men and equipment across the border. It has acquired the wider meaning and is used in businesses for the movement of materials from suppliers to the manufacturers and finally finished goods to customers. Opportunities in India According to a study conducted by National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), Logistics sector currently employs over 16.74 million employees and is slated to employ more than 28.4 million employees by 2022. This implies additional creation of ~11.7 million jobs in the next nine-year period (2013-2022). A person who has completed the logistics correspondence courses, can find job opportunities in airports, sea ports, import-export companies, e-commerce companies (Flipkart, Amazon etc..), and 3rd party logistics companies (Bluedart, Fedex, DTDC etc..). The Indian transportation and logistics

industry is poised at a crossroad along its growth trajectory even as the ongoing global economic uncertainty which has been impacting the Indian market to an extent. However, driven by strong fundamentals and consistent demand, the resilient Indian economy, in general and, the logistics sector in particular, are seemingly well-positioned to sail through turbulent global economic uncertainty. Global Opportunities The global annual logistics expenditure is approaching USD 3.5 trillion. The annual logistics cost of USA is about 9% of the GDP and internationally it varies between 9% and 20% of the GDP. The US logistics market is the largest in the world and accounts for one-third of the world logistics market. The global logistics industry has registered significant growth in the last decade with the emergence of Third Party Logistics (3PL) and Fourth Party Logistics (4PL) players in industry who are expected to play a much more important role in the years to come.

It includes:

  • PG Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Duration:1 Year


Certification: TCL IT Gov. of India

  • Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Duration:6 Months


Certification: TCL IT Govt. of India

  • Certification in Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Duration:3 Months


Certification: STED Council

  • Bcom with Logistics

Duration:3 Years


Certification: TCL IT Govt. of India


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